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Sciatica Study - Summary of controlled clinical trials - The therapeutic effect was greater in the acupuncture test group. The difference was statistically significant.

Scientists are also finding parallels between the ancient concepts and modern anatomy. Many of the 365 acupuncture points correspond to nerve bundles or muscle trigger points.

Atrophia Nervi Optics, nutshell and Medicomat Natural Treatments. The reviewers concluded that the evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture for the symptomatic treatment or prevention of allergic rhinitis is mixed. The results for seasonal allergic rhinitis failed to show specific effects of acupuncture but, for perennial allergic rhinitis, the results provided suggestive evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is not only useful for relieving renal colic, but also for expelling urinary stones (if they are not too large), because it dilates the ureter. Satisfactory results have been obtained in comparisons with conventional medication, but it is better to use acupuncture as a complementary measure in conjunction with medication or lithotripsy.

Alternative medicine is becoming popular among patients and medical doctors. Physicians are recognizing the effectiveness of traditional medicine with their patients.

Reference 130. Shi XL et al. [Acupuncture treatment of gastrointestinal spasm.] Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 1995, 15(4):192 [in Chinese].

Hepatitis B virus carrier Study - Summary of controlled clinical trials - After 3 months of treatment, carrier status became negative in: 30% of the acupuncture test group; 2.4% of the control group. Antibodies to hepatitis B e core antigen were produced in: 50% of the acupuncture test group; 6.25% of the control group.

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